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Tennis Memphis recognizes the importance of sports and specifically tennis, to teach valuable life skills. Our coaching staff prides itself on teaching and mentoring children on the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, positive attitude and respect. Tennis Memphis, in partnership with Great Base Tennis, offers tennis instruction and training for players of all levels, beginning at age 4. Programs include Junior Development, Tennis and Tutoring, Community Outreach programs, etc. No child is turned away due to financial circumstances. Download a form here: Tennis Memphis Financial Assistance Application

For more information, contact Arnold Thompson at (901)
596-0637 or email.

Junior Development

Junior Development at Tennis Memphis is divided into three categories: Early Childhood Development for players ages 4-6 and their parents, Skill Acquisition for beginner to intermediate players who are still developing a strong technical base, and Competitive Training and Non-Traditional  Scheduling Programs for players who have goals to compete in Division 1 college tennis and beyond.

Documentation of player development is an essential component of the Junior Development Program.

Player Assessment #1 is a mandatory technical evaluation. Players must schedule an appointment to have each essential stroke filmed from three different angles, complete two tests of their technical skills, and complete a goal sheet. Players will receive a personalized training video which will be sent as a private YouTube clip.
The video will have two parts: 1) slow motion with technical information, and 2) classroom presentation reviewing the prescribed changes and homework. Upon viewing the video three times, the player must email simplified notes to the instructional staff. The process documents development and assigns accountability for both the player and instructional staff. Fee: $125
Please note: Only total beginners are exempt from this process.

This service is also available for adults.

Assessment #2. The service is to capture match play on film and then provide a tactical


Assessment 1: $125
Assessment 1 & 2: $225

For more information Contact Steve Smith, or Stephen Lang.


Early Childhood Development

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The Early Childhood Development Program Plus at Tennis Memphis offers an introduction to tennis fundamentals and athletic skills for ages 4-7. The class will focus on working to acquire a strong foundation in the fundamentals of tennis, and the building of athletic skills such as coordination, agility and balance, under the guidance of Tennis Memphis teaching professionals. Parents learn along with their child and are taught how to assist their child in establishing an effective practice routine at home. At-home practice is one of the building blocks of the GreatBase Curriculum and is an essential part of the tennis pathway.
Students will be introduced to the seven basic tennis strokes, footwork and movement patterns, and tennis specific conditioning. Parents are encouraged to attend class with their child to learn how to help their child practice at home. Home practice routines are referred to as the “plus” portion of Tennis Memphis programming and are an integral part of player development. Classes are one hour.

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Early Childhood Development

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After-School Program 

The After-School Tennis Program at Tennis Memphis offers tennis instruction and training for players of all levels, beginning at age 7. Tennis Memphis works in partnership with Great Base Tennis to provide programming with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of the sport of tennis. 

The After-School Program’s primary focus is Skill Acquisition. Tennis Memphis’s professional staff will provide fact-based instruction through the GBT curriculum to all students with an emphasis on long-term development. The additional component of peer teaching ensures that students maximize information retention. Students are also taught to maximize their tennis potential by establishing at-home practice routines (referred to as program “plus”.) Our goal is to develop a strong technical and tactical foundation to grow your junior’s game, along with providing a complete pathway for future development. Classes meet 6 days per week at tennis centers throughout the city of Memphis.

Click on a location below for program details and fees:
Bellevue Tennis Center
Eldon Roark Tennis Center
Frayser and Raleigh Tennis Centers
Leftwich and Wolbrecht Tennis Centers

Register online: Bellevue, Eldon Roark, Frayser, and Raleigh Tennis Centers

Register online: Leftwich and Wolbrecht

Competitive Training and Non-Traditional Schooling Programs

The Competitive Training Program Plus and Non-Traditional Scheduling Program Plus at Tennis Memphis offers tennis instruction and training for players who have a strong technical and tactical foundation and who are ready to commit to more hours and higher intensity training. The Competitive Training Program Plus is scheduled around a traditional school schedule and the Non-Traditional Schedule Program Plus is designed for homeschooling students who are dedicated to full-time training.

Tennis Memphis works in partnership with GreatBase Tennis to provide Junior Development programming which thoroughly prepares young tennis players for the rigorous demands of competing in high-level junior and Division 1 college tennis. The primary goals of the Competitive Training Program Plus and the Non-Traditional Scheduling Program Plus are to focus and hone the player’s mental and emotional game, while continuing to build a strong technical and tactical foundation. Students are also taught to maximize their tennis potential by establishing at-home practice routines (referred to as program “plus”.) The documentation of player development is a critical part of the GBT system. All players must have a technical assessment to enter the program. The goal of these programs is to produce mentally and emotionally resilient players who have a strong technical and tactical base and who can successfully compete at the college level and beyond. The online component of our program can be found at greatbasetennis.com. The website contains a wealth of information, including comprehensive online courses, daily blog, and a video archive, which will help accelerate the growth of your child’s game.

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Competitive Training Program/Non-Traditional Scheduling Program

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Steve Smith has a common name, but a very uncommon background in tennis. His life’s work has been studying tennis-teaching masters and proven methodologies. He designed and directed the first comprehensive curriculum and degree plan for career-minded students seeking occupational competency as tennis-teaching pro-managers. This unique program fostered the development of similar programs around the world. Recognized as a leading educator among tennis insiders, Steve has taught in over thirty countries. He has assembled a system of instruction based on information, ideas, and insights that he has gathered over his five decades in tennis. His work can be measured by the tremendous successes of his students, both on the court and off. Steve’s mission is to help people play and teach tennis better through his “GreatBase Tennis” pathway.

To learn more about the GreatBase, click here.

Free Introductory Tennis Clinics are offered for adults and youth on select Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons at 6 public tennis center across Memphis. Click here to see a complete schedule. Contact Kent Smith, Outreach Coordinator with questions.

Fall USTA Junior Team Tennis

Match weekends:  9/22-11/5

Divisions Available: Intermediate: 8u (minimum 3 players), 10u, 12u 14u 18u

Beginner: 10u-14u

In Junior Team Tennis, players develop their match playing skills in a fun and supportive environment and benefit from the camaraderie of a team. Team formation is simple and Tennis Memphis’s Team Coordinator is available to help with the process. The program is parent-led and each team must have a captain. Practices can be arranged and led by parents or coaches. Tennis Memphis Pros charge a nominal fee to lead practices. Download our Junior Team Tennis FAQs, or contact Alyssa Ivey at aivey@tennismemphis.org.

Playing in tournaments with regionally and nationally ranked players is an important step in gaining the required experience and exposure necessary to reach a player’s full potential. Serious players compete in USTA tournaments with the goal of achieving State, Sectional, National rankings, and potentially a tennis college scholarship. For info contact Kent Smith at (901) 237-5677, or ksmith@tennismemphis.org.

For a list of upcoming  USTA Tournaments, click here.

Click to learn more about Summer Camps!

Since 2001, Tennis Memphis has offered quality summer camps to thousands of children in the Memphis area. As a USTA Foundation supported National Junior Tennis and Learning chapter, Tennis Memphis offers camps which strive to implement the ideals of the late Arthur Ashe by providing affordable and accessible programming with an emphasis on mentor ship, education, and tennis as a lifetime sport to children who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to participate.

The NJTL Tennis Summer Camps utilize the GreatBase Curriculum, which is a system of player development and tennis education based on the work of noted tennis icons such as Vic Braden, Welby van Horn, and more.

Key components of Great Base Tennis are skill testing, documentation of development, core information based on scientific principles, peer teaching, and the building of a championship culture.

Program goals for summer camp include: 

  • Checking the checkpoints  (Knowledge)
  • Take Tennis Home (Practice)
  • Form Tournaments (Learning)
  • Target Tournaments (Skill Acquisition)
  • Athletic Achievement (Fun!)

Location: Leftwich Tennis Center
Days: Monday, Dec 18th -Thursday, Dec 21st
Time: 4:00 pm-6:00 pm
Price: $14/hour or $100 for the week

The Holiday Camp is open to all ages and levels of players looking for extra practice during the holidays.

Adults and juniors will interface while working on skill acquisition, drills, point play and fitness.

Contact Kevin Duffy for more information
Phone: (979) 229-7522 Email: kduffy@tennismemphis.org

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”Arthur Ashe