GreatBase Tennis

GreatBase Tennis is a tennis player development system that was developed by Steve Smith, a veteran tennis coach and educator who spent years studying under tennis giants Vic Braden and Welby Van Horn. Out of his 40+ years of teaching and coaching experience, he has developed the GreatBase Tennis curriculum, a “system of systems” that comprises a complete system of player development that emphasizes character, learning, and self-discipline. He is also a “coach’s coach” and dedicates countless hours to developing any coach who is willing to learn. His emphasis on education and character development, his vast coaching experience, and his straightforward system of player development enhance Tennis Memphis’ ability to deliver its mission.

Throughout the 1980’s, Steve directed tennis’s first curriculum and college degree plan for students seeking occupational competency as tennis teaching-pro managers. The following people were influential resources and their expertise led to Steve designing the GreatBase Tennis developmental system.
Tennis Memphis currently utilizes this system in all youth and some adult programs.

  • Connector.

    Vic Braden

    the elements of science and historical perspective

  • Connector.

    Peter Burwash

    tennis pro-management and creativity

  • Connector.

    Bill Jacobson

    match analysis through statisitics

  • Connector.

    Harry Hopman

    physical training and character

  • Connector.

    Dr. James Loehr

    mental and emotional training

  • Connector.

    Dennis Van Der Meer

    progressions and group dynamics

  • Connector.

    Welby Van Horn

    static balance teaching

  • Connector.

    Jim Verdieck

    team coaching

Steve Smith


Steve Smith, Founder of GreatBase Tennis

Steve Smith is currently residing in Memphis, TN to assist Tennis Memphis in building a strong, vibrant college pathway junior program. His website,, provides a wealth of information and four educational courses designed to assist players, parents, and coaches as they pursue excellence in the sport of tennis. He has graciously given us permission to publish two of the courses here, “How to Practice at Home” and “GreatBase Initiative.” His remaining courses, “Building Blocks” and “Tennis Intelligance Applied” may be found on his website along with a daily blog, and other resources. The video titled “Tennis Memphis and the GreatBase Montage” illustrates our partnership and joint mission. Please take a moment to explore all of the videos below to learn more about GreatBase Tennis and Tennis Memphis!

“How To Practice at Home” Course

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“GreatBase Initiative” Course

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