Player Development Learning Pathway

As each student progresses through the Player Development Learning Pathway outlined in the dropdown sections below, they are introduced to information and skills from the Great Base Tennis Curriculum, a system of systems consisting of 4 courses: Tennis Intelligence Applied, Great Base Initiative, Practice At Home and Building Blocks. Students advance through the Pathway as they develop and  the next phase as they demonstrate knowledge and skills specific to each phase,  students transition to learn and demonstrate skills and knowledge specific to each phase. Curriculum lessons are delivered in segments of four 8-week sessions. Information retention and trajectory for progression is gauged based on each player actively participating in the program.

Junior Development (JD)

Session 1 August 7- October 7 2023
Session 2 : October 16-December 23, 2023
Session 3 : January 8-March 9, 2023
Session 4: March 18-May 18, 2023

The JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT (JD) PROGRAM offers tennis instruction and training for players of all levels. Tennis Memphis utilizes the Great Base tennis curriculum to help players develop a strong foundation in the fundamentals of the sport of tennis and while simultaneously emphasizing character development. Our approach encourages students to be independent thinkers and problem-solvers, become their own coach through peer teaching, develop leadership skills and teaches them the value of hard work and self-discipline. Our goal is to build a strong technical and tactical foundation to grow your student’s game and help provide a complete pathway for future development. Class space is limited. Safety guidelines and protocols will be strictly adhered to by coaches and students.

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Junior Development Policy

  • Early Childhood Development (ECD)Ages 5-6
    •  The Early Childhood Development phase delivers the GreatBase Tennis Curriculum in an age-appropriate way. ECD students learn stroke fundamentals and drills to acquire athletic skills. Class goal is igniting an interest in tennis and fun.
  • Skill Information (SI)Beginner-Advanced Beginner  
    • Acquire Information - Phase 1:  SI students will work to acquire information by learning and demonstrating: the checkpoints of the seven essential tennis strokes, 3- H system of balance,  42 sec drill and more. Students begin to build and implement an at-home practice routine. Students knowledge and skills are reinforced through GreatBase quizzes and testing.knowledge and skills are reinforced through GreatBase quizzes and testing.
  • Skill Acquisition (SA)Intermediate
    • Apply Information - Phase 2: SA students will work to apply the information learned in the previous level by repeating routines, participating in form tournaments, adding movement and making contact with the ball while maintaining form.Students learn the dimensions of the court and the basics of playing a set. Students knowledge and skills are reinforced through GreatBase quizzes and testing.
  • Skill Acquisition Plus (SAP)Junior Team Tennis, local USTA tournaments and TN junior qualifying
    • Implement Information - Phase 3: SAP students will work to implement the information and maintain appropriate contact point, aim, and control of the ball in a live ball situation. Students learn and recite the 7 Singles Concepts, are able to Serve, Rally, and Keep with technique and Palm Down serve , able to play a match with correct grips and technique. Students knowledge and skills are reinforced through GreatBase quizzes and testing.
  • Competitive Training (CT)TN junior qualifying, USTA Southern L-3,4 and Southern Closed
    • Execute Information - Phase 4: CT students will work to execute the information and refining player skills in competitive, live ball situations and higher level USTA tournaments. Demonstrates ability to perform all 7 essential strokes on accelerated metronome, Identify Goals and Individual Development Plan (IDP) Pass the Great Base TIA test.
  • Competitive Training Plus (CTP)USTA Southern L-1, 2, 3; Southern Closed & National L-1, 2, 3
    • Master the Information - Phase 5: CTP students will work to master the information and learning to compete, while maintaining an emphasis on developing, rather than winning. Students demonstrate ability to self manage and regulate for goal tracking, continue technical training, peer teaching,  competitive match play and sectional and national tournaments.

Junior Player Walk-On Policy


Tennis Memphis has adopted the GreatBase curriculum for its Junior Development Program. Our coaching team has seen dramatic improvement in our students’ development, progress, tournament results and tennis knowledge since implementing the curriculum 3 years ago. Our appreciation of Steve Smith and the GreatBase curriculum which he has developed having studied tennis teaching masters and methodologies we want to share with you. Steve has been coaching and training coaches for four decades and his students and his students’ students have also had success at every level of competitive tennis. He is on a mission to improve tennis teaching, with an emphasis on youngsters learning the proper fundamentals. He has developed the GreatBase as a way of teaching those fundamentals.

To learn more about the Greatbase and Steve Smith visit The website features 4 free online courses.

  • Fact-based instruction; The dimensions of the court and physical laws dictate stroke production, no coaches opinion or any unique theory.
  • There’s no substitute for a good beginning.
  • Documenting developmenting.
  • Teaching is information transfer.
  • Don’t underestimate the capacity of the student.
  • Peer Teaching. 
  • Train students to become independent thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Train students to become their own coach.