Tennis Memphis

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Meet Our Team


Scott Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer

Melinda Hoehn

Director of Business Operations

Coaching Staff

Paul Goebel

Director of Tennis

Adam Friel

Adult Head Tennis Professional

Cedric De Zutter

Junior Head Tennis Professional

Alvin Abston

Staff Professional

Andrew Bolds

Staff Professional

Daryl Greenan Tennis Memphis Coach
Daryl Greenan

Staff Professional

Thomas Hall

Eldon Roark Center Director and Staff Professional

Chip Malone Tennis Memphis Coach
Chip Malone

Raleigh Center Director and Staff Professional

Jay Robillard

Wolbrecht Center Director and Staff Professional

Valewis Simpson Tennis Memphis coach
Valewis Simpson

Staff Professional

Trip Wills Tennis Memphis Coach
Trip Wills

Staff Professional


arnold thompson
Arnold Thompson

Director of Outreach + Comm. Dev.

Now Hiring!

Tennis & Tutoring Project Manager


Ryan Beattie

Leftwich Welcome Center Manager

Chris Holmes Tennis Memphis Eldon Roark Facility
Chris Holmes

Eldon Roark Facility Supervisor

Diane Hannifin

Operations Manager

Ann Sneed

Marketing Manager

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