League Teams

League Teams at Tennis Memphis

At Tennis Memphis, we’re dedicated to providing league teams with exceptional facilities and convenient locations to compete and host their league matches. Our network of tennis centers to choose as your home courts includes Eldon Roark, Leftwich, Raleigh, and Wolbrecht Tennis Centers.

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18+ 40+ Spring and ESL                                                         (Eldon Roark, Raleigh and Wolbrecht) – $450              

18+ 40+ Spring and ESL                                                  (Leftwich) – $550 

2.5 Teams                                                                                (Eldon Roark, Raleigh and Wolbrecht) – $300 

2.5 Teams                                                                         (Leftwich) –$360 

Tri-Level, Combo, Mixed, MLTA and 55+ teams                     (Eldon Roark, Raleigh and Wolbrecht) –  $350 

 Tri-Level, Combo, Mixed, MLTA and 55+ teams                   (Leftwich) – $420 

Please note: team fees must be paid in a single upfront payment by the team captain prior to the start of the season. Captains of each team will be responsible for dividing the team fee amongst their players and collecting each player’s allotted amount directly from the players.

Want to elevate your team's game?

For teams looking to take their game to the next level, Tennis Memphis also offers the opportunity to book team practices with our fantastic team of coaches. Our experienced coaches are here to help you hone your skills, strategize, and achieve your goals on the court. Click below to contact them and schedule your team’s next practice!