Permanent Court Time (PCT) is a group reservation for indoor court time for the same day and time each week.  Available for singles or doubles groups, PCT allows players to pay in advance at a reduced court rate for guaranteed court time every week (with a few exceptions.) Permanent Court Time is available year-round at Eldon Roark Indoor facilities.

There is a longer Fall/Winter session and a shorter Summer session.  When a group purchases PCT, their group is automatically entered into our court reservation system at the selected time and day for the entire session. If a session is already in progress, PCT reservations can be prorated for the remaining number of weeks.

The PCT group’s captain is responsible for the PCT payment, which must be made in full as a single payment. A single check, payable to Tennis Memphis, or a single credit card are accepted methods of payment. You may make your payment online, bring it to any of the tennis centers, or mail it to Wolbrecht Tennis Center, 1645 Ridgeway Avenue, Memphis, TN 38119. For contract or questions email Melinda Hoehn at